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Russian interpreter services on-demand Russian Interpreter Network guarantees accurate and reliable interpretation services. Whether you need a team of simultaneous interpreters or a specialized technical interpreter - you've come to the right place!

All of our interpreters have been successfully tested by the U.S. Department of State as simultaneous interpreters.  Most of our linguists have over 10 years of experience working as interpreters and translators at the highest level...
Professional Russian translator services We specialize in Russian translation of technical, legal, medical and advertising materials. From design and project documentation to complex legal and medical documents - we have competent translators in your area of specialization.

Unlike many of our competitors, we never use machine translation.  All translations are performed by our professional certified Russian linguists and checked for quality by our editors. For us, there is only one standard for translation quality - the highest standard...
Traveling to Russia or the NIS? Our knowledge, experience and expertise are at your disposal. For those, who are interested in more than just collecting "Matreshkas" and are serious about doing business in Russia or the countries of the CIS, we can provide a wealth of information.

From advise on cultural differences to information on housing, security, and accepted business practices. Like never before, Russia now offers many unique business opportunities. We're here to help you realize them.
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Simultaneous interpreter

Simultaneous interpreter

Simultaneous interpreters are often employed in the field of international business or diplomacy. This type of interpreting is required at international conferences and is sometimes used in courts.

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Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreter

This form of interpreting is used most often for person-to-person communication.  The speaker is expected to stop after every two or three sentences letting interpreter translate his words.

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Technical interpreter

Technical interpreter

Technical interpreters normally specialize in one or several areas of expertise. In addition to language fluency, technical interpretation requires thorough knowledge of the subject matter.

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Welcome to Russian Interpreter Network


Russian Interpreter Network is a leading provider of Russian interpreter, Russian translator, and other Russian language related support services to individual, government, and corporate clients around the world.

Our organization is wholly owned by members who are full-time professional Russian interpreters with many years of experience as government linguists. In addition, all our interpreters hold professional degrees in various areas of expertise, since knowledge of the subject matter is the key to quality interpretation. In fact, our organization was formed due to dissatisfaction with current prevailing low standards of language work, and our mission is to raise quality of interpreter performance and to obtain customer satisfaction.

All participating Russian language interpreters are recruited from the limited number of professionals contracted by the US Department of State as simultaneous interpreters. Even though the USDOS pool is formed through rigorous admission testing, we further limit participation in RIN to the very best of this already select group.

While we handle projects all over the world, most of our interpreters are US-based. This ensures intimate knowledge of American culture and language, while the personal Russian background of each interpreter and his/her continuous exposure to Russian-speakers ensures equal mastery of all things Russian.

If you are truly concerned about understanding and being understood, we are here for you .

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Competent Russian technical interpreter

Technical Russian interpreter No technical briefing, seminar or a training event should be without a qualified, competent, and experienced technical interpreter. Many of our Russian technical interpreters have advanced degrees in engineering or other areas of specialization as well as years of invaluable experience of providing translation and interpretation services in most complex technical disciplines.

Communicate with your clients and counterparts in their native language

Russian interpreter for conference

Organizing an international conference? - A small investment to hire a Russian interpreter will go a long way to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to foster a productive discussion. Participating in a trade show? - Score an extra points with your prospective customers by communicating in the language they understand. Sell more products to more clients with our Russian interpreter services.

Russian interpreter services for depositions, courtroom, immigration hearings

Russian interpreter for legal proceedings

Our interpreters and translators are accredited by the U.S. Federal Court system. Many have been certified by state courts in their respective states as well. From commercial disputes, involving a party in a Russian-speaking country, criminal and civil trials to an immigration hearing or translation of legal documents - we are ready to help

Russian interpreter services for medical appointments & emergencies

Russian interpreter for medical consultations

Our interpreters have significant experience and have undergone special training for interpretation during emergencies, mass casualties situations, as well as during routine medical procedures. From assisting your Russian speaking patients during medical consultations to interpreting for specialists at a medical conference - you can count on us to get the job done.

Russian interpreter & Russian translator support for your training event

Russian interpreter for training seminars

Our interpreters and translators have vast experience in providing simultaneous and consecutive interpretation as well as on-site document translation services for a variety of training seminars, study tours, and workshops. We provide language support for government as well as corporate sponsored events.  Call us to schedule a team of highly qualified professional linguists for your event.